Interview with Lipika Bhushan

As an author, it’s great to be able to meet other authors, lit agents, book marketeers. During the Pandemic, many people turned to digital platforms as means of interacting with authors.

Lipika Bhushan, an ace book marketeer with years of experience with many reputed publishing houses, started her Youtube channel – Between the lines.

She interviewed me for her channel. If writing is my first love, then talking about writing comes a close second.

Do click on the link above and watch the interview. I’ve spoken in details about my childhood, the loneliness of an only child and how books were my constant companion. I’ve also spoken about how I got my publishing break with Harper Collins in 2015.

There’s a fun rapid fire question round. Lipika fired away some quirky questions and I shot back crazy answers. Unlike most people, I enjoy these rapid fire sessions.

Hope you watch the session and please do leave your thoughts in the comments box.

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