About Me

I’ve never wanted to do anything other than to write. It was almost like a voice in my head that was propelling me towards the destination.

I started my writing career with The Statesman, Kolkata in 1993, after my graduation. I have a Master’s degree in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. I went on to work for The Times of India, Hyderabad. Soon after my son’s birth in 1998, I went the freelance route. My articles have been published in almost all reputed publications in the country. To diversify, I began working with MNCs & PR firms as a corporate writer.

In 2011 I founded an online company called Writeword and conducted online writing course to help women learn the art of freelance writing. I ran this course very successfully for few years.

Despite being a writer, I took a long time to get my first book out. It happened in 2016 when Harper Collins published A Forgotten Affair. I guess Life has it’s own plan for us, which works out in it’s time. Now I’m a full time author, spinning yarns, thinking plots and creating characters.

I live in Gurgaon with my husband, son & 2 dogs.

When I’m not Writing…

I like spending time gardening, playing with my dogs and going for long cycling rides.

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