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Until I Find You - An engrossing and twisted thriller

Until I Find You – An engrossing and twisted thriller

When Jenny sees the picture of a boy in a travel magazine, she is stunned. He is a dead ringer for her friend Rubina. But the boy is supposed to be dead. Ten years ago, Jenny had failed to save Rubina and the infant from the clutches of the charming leader of a dangerous cult who led his flock to a mass suicide. Jenny’s journey to find the boy leads her to a sleepy village in Rajasthan, where she comes across Virat, a police officer investigating the discovery of a decomposed leg from a construction site. Are the two cases linked? As her past threatens to catch up with her, Virat and Jenny get involved in a cat-and mouse game that leads to a diabolical climax. Taking off from the notorious Peoples Temple mass suicide murder led by the charismatic Jim Jones, and told from multiple points of view, Until I Find You is a grim and brutal thriller where the arid landscape of Rajasthan is as much a character as the shadowy dramatis personae.

Eye On You

You’re seen, tracked and followed everywhere you go. Every line & picture you post; someone is watching. All that information in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster. You have a smart door, a CCTV; everything is controlled via an app on your mobile phone. All they need to do is to hack into your phone. Anyone can get in; anyone can see you inside your home. How safe are you inside your home? Myra is assaulted in her bedroom after a party where she had invited friends. Did one of her friends do this to her? Or is it someone from her past who is out to hurt & destroy her? Or is it an obsessive tracker who hacks into her phone? Eye on You is about the dangers of social media, leaving digital footprints and having advanced gadgets at home that track our lives.

Nobody’s Child

A young woman is found on the streets of Mumbai, dazed and covered in wounds. Her mind is clearly addled by drugs. She tells a TV journalist that she is the famous singer Asavri Bhattacharya, the winner of the 2016 reality TV show Indian Koel. But as far as the world knows, Asavri died in a car accident soon after her win. Her body was cremated; her death mourned by the whole nation. As news spreads like wildfire, the press and public begin clamouring for answers. How can Asavri be alive? And if this is indeed the real Asavri, then who was cremated three years ago? And who is behind what happened to her? Is it Tanya, the first runner-up who wore the victor’s crown after Asavri was declared dead, or Rudra, Asavri’s ex-husband? Or is it Kamini Devi – the glamorous MP with a sinister plan? Or Avniel, the film journalist who shot to fame by writing Asavri’s biography soon after her death? And why does Asavri keep muttering the name Monty? Who is he? Nobody’s Child Is An Exhilarating And Chilling Story About The Dark Side Of Fame. 

A Forgotten Affair

11 July 2006, Mumbai. Sagarika Mehta walks out of her nine-year old marriage, meets with a near-fatal accident and goes into a deep coma: all on the same day. She wakes up with no memory of her past. After over a year in hospital, Rishab, her husband, whisks her away to Gurgaon to convalesce. There, in that plush apartment, with people waiting on her hand and foot, Sagarika feels a vague sense that something is wrong. Why does the scent of a particular cologne drive her into a frenzy? Why does the innocuous word ‘cheeni’ bother her? And why is Rishab so evasive to her queries about her past? As a desperate Sagarika searches for answers and learns to trust no one, she discovers that sometimes you need to forget everything to recognize what matters the most.

The Actor

Superstar Amit Khanna is the darling of Bollywood. A nobody who shot to fame when a romantic film became the surprise hit of the year, catapulting the boy from Amritsar to dizzying heights of fame and glory. But he tumbles from starry heights when his house maid, Rupa, accuses him of raping her viciously and evidences against him look incriminating. His wife Shefali and his lawyer Anil are prepared to go to any lengths to save him. Shefali knows her husband is guilty but is determined to save the man she loves. She has loved him since they were in college together and stood by him when he was a nobody. But someone seems determined to see Amit pays for his crime. Is Shefali successful in saving her husband? Is she and the lawyer able to discredit the evidences and get Amit acquitted? What happens to the superstar and his glorious career?

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