Watching birds and soaking in the sun

There’s something about soaking in the winter sun that warms the very core. When I moved to Gurgaon from Mumbai, I was excited to enjoy the winters after having lived in the balmy sultry Mumbai for years. And I try to enjoy the cold and sparkling sun as much as I can. The winter sunContinue reading “Watching birds and soaking in the sun”

School Ties

                                                                                         It was very unusual for Jai to get so angry. His fists clenched, breath coming in sharp and jaws drawn tight, Suhashini had never seen him so angry. He wasn’t the type who screamed or even raised his voice at his wife. But today he was fuming. All because of aContinue reading “School Ties”

Time to run…time to slow down

​I met her a long time ago. Let’s call her W. In her 50s inching towards her 60th birthday she had a head full of silver streaks in her poker straight hair. A warm smile with lots of laugh lines around her eyes; a reminder of a life well lived; full of laughs and sunshine. The lines couldn’tContinue reading “Time to run…time to slow down”

Mom! I’m coming home…

It was only when Rohan started class 11 that I began thinking about empty nest. He would leave for college in 2 years and being the only child, my husband and I would be empty nesters. I had an arranged marriage. Our parents picked the significant other from Statesman matrimonial column. We married quite early;Continue reading “Mom! I’m coming home…”

I’m a single tasker. And that’s fine!

I learnt a new word recently. Single tasker. A person who can do one job at a time. The word very succinctly describes me. Yes, in a world of multi-taskers, I’m odd. I am a single tasker. The multi-taskers run businesses, train for the marathon at the crack of dawn, are on the PTA committeeContinue reading “I’m a single tasker. And that’s fine!”

A dialogue between Rohan & Archie

  It’s a hot sultry afternoon. Rohan (R) has returned from school and isn’t particularly in a good mood. Not because anything awful happened, because the school isn’t Podar, Mumbai. And he misses everything Mumbai sorely. So just back from school is never a good time for R. For Archie (A) a bad day isContinue reading “A dialogue between Rohan & Archie”